Step Up Your Garden With Terraced Plantings

There are many points to consider when planting terraced beds: the materials used for the retaining walls, the right plants for the conditions created and the balance of the plantings in relation to the hardscaping. By getting the plantings right, not only can we enjoy the decorative benefits, but we can also prevent the hardscaping from becoming too dominating or intrusive.ash_after1r

Terracing has historically been the best way to deal with slopes, which can be difficult and even dangerous to maintain. A terraced landscape is created by building a series of retaining walls, allowing space for level beds or lawns. From stone and brick for traditional gardens to concrete, metal and railroad ties for contemporary landscape designs, we have a wide choice of materials to create retaining walls, but the plantings are what can really add style to the terrace.

Traditional terraced gardens tend to reflect the planting style of the overall garden or style of the house. Mixed plantings of shrubs and perennials generally found in traditional plantings not only provide year-round color and interest, but also soften hard outlines of stonework.wooden-floor-terrace-garden-design-ideas-by-Eckersley-garden-architecture

The real joy, though, of these raised beds is that the plants are brought up to eye level.

This style of planting can be reasonably high maintenance, however, especially with the inclusion of herbaceous perennials that require attention throughout the growing season. For this reason, the retaining walls shown here are low, and the terraced beds are are kept wide in order to carry out maintenance safely.FrontTerraceGarden


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