Just living in a Forest.

for2Plants are once again welcome in our homes and gardens become green again. More of us feel the need to re-connect with nature and go ‘down to Earth’. We start to realize plants are healthy in and around the home. And even better ,some people have the ablility to live their life within the forest.


IT worker-cum-carpenter, Joel Allen, harbored a dream of creating a house that organically meshed with the environment of his much loved woods around Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. His dream became a reality after finding friends in two fresh new architects who set him on his path of a uniquely egg shaped treehouse, now known as the HemLoft Weekend Cabin.for3for4for5

The famous Australian photographic artist, Marian Drew, wanted a house in which she and her family could enjoy their weekends, and felt a construction derived from the concept of a luxury campsite would fit the bill. The unique holiday home was designed by Simon Laws of Anthill Constructions, and is located on the Queensland coast amongst mature Bloodwoods and Cabbage Palms, in the town of Seventeen Seventy.for6 for7 for8

Architect Max Pritchard designed the Bridge House, which is situated near Adelaide, Australia, creating a plan that respects to the Aboriginal “Touch the Earth Lightly” approach, both visually and environmentally. In this 3D visualization of the house by designer Faraz, we see the structure is clad with recyclable sheet steel, and encounter the insulated concrete floor slab that stores heat for reradiating at night. for9 for10

Don’t we all just love serene homes within forests? This very small green home was designed by Mutsue Hayakusa who specializes in green architecture by creating beautiful “cell spaces” and making very small homes comfortably functional and efficient. This project was quite interesting for its desolate location and design concept with it’s architectural play on geometric shapes and forms throughout the house.for11 for12

Baumraum is specialised in the planning and realisation of treehouses and other constructions in natural surroundings.for13 for14 for15

The city of Turin is a nerve center for culture and business in Italy. It houses the headquarters of automotive giants like Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and is even referred to as the automobile capital of the country. Our story today is about a home here, but it is far away from the city’s busy streets and commercial buzz. It is infact located in the silent hills in the outskirts of Turin.for16 for17 for18

The Allandale House isn’t your typical forest cottage. Designed by William O’Brien Jr., Assistant Professor of Architecture at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning and is principal of an independent design practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Allandale House is a modern serene getaway home in the forest.for19 for20

These fabulous renders by Viktor Fretyán showcase a breathtaking forest house, designed by architect Satoshi Okada. Located on the sloping terrain of the Svab Hill, this family residence is home to renowned photographer Tomasz Gudzowatyon. In the heart of the Hungarian capital, on the border of the nature protected Buda Hills,for21 for22 for23


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