Gardens Under Glass: How to Make Your Own Terrarium.

PicMonkey Collage ff1a

Be the master of a mini ecosystem indoors — the low-maintenance, highly rewarding kind that fits any room

Terrariums have been popping up all over the place, from design portfolios to home store catalogs. What’s the attraction? It’s simple: convenience and style.

Terrariums require little watering, take up little space and are generally easy to care for — even for the black-thumbed among us. And these tiny, lush vignettes create interest and liven up a space in a way few single houseplants can match.

Terrariums first gained popularity during the Victorian era after Nathanial Ward inadvertently grew grass in a glass enclosure. They enjoyed a revival in the 1970s, albeit commonly using clunky glass vessels and paired with macramé.

But terrariums today boast cleaner lines and a touch of whimsy. They come in many shapes, sizes and can either be open at the top or have a lid.


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