Lilies – Exotic Stunners for Your Garden.

Try these delightfully exotic stunners for paintbox colors, deep fragrance and intricately detailed petals

When is a lily not a lily? As it turns out, quite often. Many of the plants that we call lilies — canna lily, lily of the Nile, daylily and calla lily — are, in fact, not lilies at all. Although equally stunning, those flowers belong to different plant genus altogether, so don’t get confused if you are looking to add true lilies to your garden. True lilies grow from bulbs and have impressive and often intricate flowers. When you look at the plant tag, it will have Lilium in the botanical name. Many have vivid colors and exotic markings, like splotches and brushstrokes, making lilies an exuberant addition to any garden.
Distinguishing traits. Lilies are tall perennials, with large blooms in colors including pink, purple, white, orange, yellow and red. The flowers can have spots, splotches and brushstroke markings as well as different-colored throats.

Popular lily types:
Asiatic: Early bloomers with the broadest range of colors, including most of the unscented lilies. Opt for ‘Royal Sunset’ or ‘Blackout’.
Oriental: Fairly difficult to grow, Oriental lilies have large late-summer flowers and a heavy scent. They prefer acidic soil and moist, temperate summers. Try ‘Flying Circus’, ‘Hot Spot’ or ‘Enjoy’.
Trumpet and Aurelian: Easy to grow, these lilies are often late-summer bloomers, nicely scented. They typically need staking due to their taller height. Try ‘Madame Butterfly’, ‘Midnight’ and ‘Summer Palace’.
Orientpet: American hybrids that are a cross between Oriental and trumpet lilies. They have bold colors, are disease resistant and tolerate heat but not direct sun. Look for ‘Baruta’ or ‘Anastasia’.

Casa Blanca
Casa Blanca
Illustration Lilium martagon
Illustration Lilium martagon

Lilium martagon 01

Lilium longiflorum
Lilium longiflorum
Lilium Cream Tea
Lilium Cream Tea
Lilium nepalense
Lilium nepalense
Lilium longiflorum 'Pink Heaven '
Lilium longiflorum ‘Pink Heaven ‘


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