The White Bulb Inspiration Garden at Keukenhof in Holland.

SAM_0835The white bulb-garden on Keukenhof in Lisse,Holland is a inspirational project. The modern garden-room ic completely white with white bulbs like Muscari armeniacum,Narcissus.Leucojum etc.SAM_0836

The interior of this garden is modern with  plantings what makes us think of ‘çountry-style’  plant-arrangements. Some pots have mono-planting and others are with a mix of lush plantingsSAM_0837

White Daffodils (Narcissus trandus ‘Albus’) and White Grapes ( Muscari armeniacum ‘Album’) the blue grass is Festuca glauca.SAM_0839

It looks like people who are visiting the Dutch National Bulb-garden Keukenhof are already inspired by the White Bulb-Garden.SAM_0840


SAM_0843Pictures Michaël Bakker

Watch post on Keukenhof earlier on this site.


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