Keukenhof is the place to be !.

SAM_0849The Dutch National Bulbgarden ‘Keukenhof‘ is the place to be this time of the year.  The garden needs a few more sunny days before all the flowers are blooming. For now there’s enough color from the Crocus,Narcis,Hyacinth and Scilla and the Tulips are on their way. Keukenhof has a lot to offer for garden-people , in the flowerbeds their are lovely combinations of flowerbulbs, and the special design-gardens show the latest trends on designing with flowerbulbs. Indoors in the greenhouses are exhibitions of Lillis,Orchids,Tulips etc. and a lot of  floral design.

foto;Michaël Bakker
foto;Michaël Bakker

One of the inspirational gardens at Keukenhof.SAM_0851

Famous Dutch Gardener Rob van der Linden made this design for Keukenhof as part of his television-program.

Foto;Michaël Bakker
Foto;Michaël Bakker
The vertical bulb garden with Narcissus 'Teté a Teté.
The vertical bulb garden with Narcissus ‘Teté a Teté.

SAM_0862Narcissus bursting out of this birdhome and given it a new purpose.SAM_0847Laundry-baskets as planters for this spring display.SAM_0810One of the borders wich was in bloom with early Tulips ,Muscari,Hyacinth.SAM_0856One of the gardeners doing some maintenance .SAM_0867



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