The 10 Secrets of The Gerbera .

Did you know that…
…there are also mini Gerbera’s?gb16
…Bieber, Doutzen and Messi are also variety names of Gerbera’s?gb15
…the summer flower Gerbera is available all year round?gb14
…58% of Gerbera buyers give the flowers as a gift?gb13
…on ‘No Smoking Day’ in Scandinavia, Gerbera’s are given to people who don’t smoke on that day?gb12
…every year 600 new Gerbera varieties come on the market?gb10
…the white Gerbera was used in the decorations for the wedding of Prins Willem Alexander and Maxima in the Netherlands?gb9
…the Gerbera originates from South Africa, Asia, South America and Tasmania?gb8
…900 million Gerbera’s are produced annually in the Netherlands?gb7
…you can enjoy Gerbera’s for up to two weeks?gb1


source;flowercouncil holland


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