New York Goes Back to the Roots,leading The World to Native Plants.

ts160 In the U.S.A the use of Native Plants in public spaces is growing rapidly . In New York ( The Battery) and Chicago ( Millenium Park, The Lurie Garden)and many other places are famous public parks designed by leading designers of Landscapes like for example Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury. They start to use native plants in their designs for many years now.

And a new generation of Landscape Designers  are inspired by them. They use of native plants in designs for gardens and even more important in public spaces has many benefits . They are accustomed to the local conditions and climate what makes them easier ( and cheaper ) to maintain . In the last 10 years more German ,Dutch , American and British Growers have native plants in their collection. ts161

In the last two ages many famous designers had their inspiration,at least by the means of the introduction of new (colonial) species ,from the National Botanic Garden or Hortus Botanicus. Times have changed ,these days they follow the Designers by introducing native plants to a greater public . At the beginning  of last May the New York Botanical Garden opened a new 3,5 Ha Native Plant Garden and The Brooklyn Botanical Garden opens mid-june with a large extension of their Native Garden.ts162


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