Lotus Lake Park by Integrated Planning and Design Inc.

Lotus-Lake-Park_IPD_Kunshan_10The City of Kunshan has a unique history and its people have been responsible for establishing many of the cultural traditions for this region; Kun Opera, canal villages, hairy crab, the Double-headed Lotus flower and a long history of aquaculture production are all notable. As a gateway for the city’s westward expansion, Lotus Lake Park had to define and demonstrate the character of the future public realm in the west.

Lotus-Lake-Park_IPD_Kunshan_08To maintain the longstanding traditions of the Kun Opera, various facilities were integrated into the landscape and weaved together with a trail. Lotus-Lake-Park_IPD_Kunshan_07The features and experiences of the Kun Opera culture are gathered into one collection of a mock stage, projection water screen, and a 360° open theater.Lotus-Lake-Park_IPD_Kunshan_05Lotus-Lake-Park_IPD_Kunshan_04Lotus-Lake-Park_IPD_Kunshan_01


This project received a 2013 Honor Award by the Northern California Chapter of the ASLA.source


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