A Roof of California Poppies for Tiny House in the Woods.

Overlook House - contemporary - spaces - santa barbara - WyndhamdesignLooking down from the top of the hill, you won’t see this tiny house at first glance. The 90-square-foot structure is tucked on a little ledge overlooking the Pacific Ocean, covered with redwood bark and a living roof to blend in with the Big Sur hillside. The clients’ main house is higher up the hill, but they wanted designer Alex Wyndham to design a special off-grid place for their teens.

The hideout’s folding glass front doors and hinged side walls open completely, exposing the house to cool breezes and the ocean view. “You can watch whales swim by while lying in bed,” says Wyndham.
Wyndham seeded the roof with a mix of California poppies, silky lupines, baby blue eyes and several native grasses.
The living roof’s native wildflowers and grasses add to the natural habitat for local pollinators. Eventually, the ocean wind will blow the seeds off the roof and spread them down the hillside.
Hawk House - contemporary - exterior - other metro - Wyndhamdesign
The living roof works with the main house’s design, too. “The slope is so steep, and the main house is above,” says Wyndham. “A green roof makes it so you can’t see the little house very well. It’s just a little square of flowers.”

Salvaged redwood bark covers the structure’s walls. A nearby lumber mill had planned on burning piles of the leftover bark from felled redwood trees, so Wyndham snagged the material for free.

The bark acts like a rain screen above the interior plywood walls. Wyndham carefully cut 18-inch-wide pieces from the large slabs of bark, putting them side by side for a continuous, seamless look.

After installing the siding, Wyndham cut the back section of the walls at an angle, installing hinges so the walls can lift up and out for ventilation. When the walls are closed, a peephole in one wall makes for a clear view of anyone coming down the hill. The getaway is completely off the grid, lit only by candles at night. Eventually, Wyndham plans to install a simple solar panel and LED lights.source


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