Jacqueline van der Kloet ,World Authority in Bulb Planting Designs.

The Dutch are famous for the trade in flowerbulbs,most of us know the story behind the TULIPMANIA wich took place in the golden age. Flowerbulbs can bring color and some kind of structure in a planting design in periods most perennials are in their wintering stage. Great planting-designers like Piet Oudolf use bulbs for this purpose, he used 60.000 flowerbulbs in his design for the Lurie-garden in the Millenium Park in Chicago.

Jacqueline van der Kloet is the authority when it comes to designing with flowerbulbs , she also made the planting design for Piet’s Lurie-garden. Jacqueline started as a Garden and Landscape Designer and worked with perennials and shrubs in her designs before she fell in love with flowerbulbs. Ultimately bulbs became her real passion and these days she’s world-famous for her designs. In this interview of the International Bulb Centre ( IBC) she gives us inspiration for a blue bulb Garden Design.j.vdkloetkloet 2kloet 3kloet 4kloet 6kloet 7kloet 8


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