Roof-garden with Allium in Zaanstreek ( Holland )

SAM_0932Last june I was the lucky one to organize the Open Garden Weekend for K.M.T.P ( the Royal Dutch Horticultural Society ) in the area where i live Zaanstreek ( to the north of Amsterdam ). We had 20 gardens wich all opened their gates during this weekend .

The family-garden of the Koelemeijers attended for the first time and their garden was a great succes. The green roofs of this garden are very special and also the first green roofs in this area. SAM_0934The green roof above the kitchen is very special with the Allium‘s growing on the roof.SAM_0948The garden-shed with it’s green roof with Sedum varieties.SAM_0950A Meadow on the roof.SAM_0951The same roof as above but from another point of view.SAM_0960On this picture we can have a better look at the Allium’s.SAM_0969HERE you can see more of this great garden.


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